Obtain a Canadian Work Permit (Work Visa)

Every year, thousands come to Canada as Temporary Foreign Workers in all types of employment situations, some very short, some much longer. 

If you wish to hire a foreign worker, or you are a worker yourself, you should seek our advice as to the best path forward for you. 

For Foreign Workers

If you have already been offered a job by a Canadian employer, we are able to help you with getting the work permit you need as well as any other documents you may need to enter Canada


For Canadian Employers

If you want to transfer a key employee to Canada or hire a foreign worker, we can assist with making the process as smooth as possible.


For Foreign Businesses

Do you wish to start up a business in Canada or wish to transfer an employee to your Canadian subsidiairy? contact us in order to get this going as quickly as possible.


In almost all cases, individuals with a job offer from a Canadian employer must get a Temporary Work Permit to work in Canada.

There are many ways to get a Temporary Work Permit. Choosing the correct one depends on a different factors, such as:

  • the type, skill level, and location of the job in Canada; and

  • the nationality of the worker, as well as his or her professional and personal profile.

Every employment situation is unique, and the multitude of work permit options reflects this fact. We will help you determine the path that is best for you, and will provide you with a full range of work permit services, including applications for:

  • Labour Market Impact Assessment

  • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Exemptions

  • Intra-company Transferees

  • Working in Canada without a Work Permit

  • International Business Start-ups In Canada

  • NAFTA Work Permits

  • Criminality And Rehabilitation 

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