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One of the proven ways to permanently immigrate to Canada is to be granted a temporary resident status as a student.
Once you have found a school where you can take a relevant program you can then apply for a Study Permit.
You will need the equivalent of one year’s tuition (between $10,000 to $15,000 CAD) plus one year of subsistence or $10,000 CAD in order to qualify.
Of course, your choice of furthering your education must make sense and we need to convince the immigration department (IRCC) about the genuineness of your education plan.
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Canadian Student Visas & Study Permits for International Students

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Thanks to Canadian Student Visas, students come from all over the world to study in Canada, and many stay on to work and live and raise a family after. Whether you wish to attend a short English course, or full time University or College program, we can help you with your initial Study Permit, extensions of an existing Study Permit, or your post-graduate work permit (and application for Permanent Residence too!)
If you would like our help, we can assess your qualifications for obtaining this temporary visa (or its renewal) at no cost or obligation to you