Dependent Children Sponsorship Canada

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You can sponsor a child who is under the age of 22. In rare cases, you can sponsor a child older than 22. There is now a new program where you can also sponsor a child who was not originally declared in your immigration as a permanent resident. It is worth checking out if this applies to you!

Dependent Child Sponsorship Program

Dependent children are defined as either natural or adopted. You may sponsor your children to live with one or both parents as permanent resident in Canada. The child sponsorship program is a subsection of the Family Class of immigration.

​Of course, you will need to apply in order to get your child to Canada as a permanent resident.

The IRCC makes the decision on such request once we have filed for the appropriate visa.

​One of the element of this approval is to prove the relationship with the child (or children). This may be done via birth certificate or DNA sampling in some cases.

​In the case of adoption, the sponsoring process may start before the adoption has been finalized due to the length of time it takes to get the necessary approvals.

​The sponsoring of a child becomes more complicated especially if the other parent is no longer a spouse of the sponsor. However, there are steps to be taken in order to mitigate these difficulties.


In the case of an orphan family member such as a niece or nephew, you can sponsor them to come to Canada provided they are less than 18 years old.

In this case, we need to prove their parents are deceased. You will then need to be a custodian in order to have them fly over to Canada once IRCC has approved the application.

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