My background

Authorized to act on your behalf by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)- member in good standing;


Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC);


Business School Lifelong Learning Award – Legal Studies (presented to a student for outstanding performance as recommended by faculty to the Dean); 


Honours - Certificate of Immigration Consulting  Humber College; 


McGill University - Bachelor of Commerce.



My name is Daniel Briere, and yes, you may call me Dan. I am looking forward to talk to you about your situation and how I can make it less stressful.

I am a Calgary, Canada Immigration Consultant , that specializes in a personal and high quality approach with my clients. As we put it, we roll out the red carpet for you. Even if you are not intending to stay or come to Calgary, it is likely I can represent you.

​We focus our practice in Spousal Sponsorship, LMIAs and other immigration topics.

​We also provide services to obtain permit to work, visitor visa,  caregiver program, refugee protection in, student permit, and so forth.

We limit how many clients we care for, this results in higher client satisfaction and better outcomes.

When we talk with you we will never be in a hurry.

We want to get to know you and understand your motivation to come to Canada and how we can make this as painless as possible. 

Again, it is a boutique approach to immigration, for those busy with other aspects of their lives who want and deserve superior service.

Your one stop Calgary Immigration Consultant for your spousal sponsorship, LMIAs, Permanent residency, Express Entry and more...
Do you need representation?

You may not, all the forms are available on the IRCC (Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada) website.


However, immigrating is more than just filling a few forms.

Save time and money, reduce your risks, avoid delays, why take chances? why increase your risk of refusal? let us do the worry.


Consider the following:


  • Spousal sponsorship is a very intensive application and you do not want it refused because you did not understand how to do this;

  • Another important application is that of permanent residence, you want to make sure it is done right;

  • We know that some of your friends may know a little bit about immigration, perhaps they immigrated themselves. However, things change frequently in the immigration world and their information may inadvertently cause you more damage than good;


  • Immigrating in a new country is a very serious decision that will have lifelong consequences, if the process is not followed to a "T", it may result in being denied entry, or being delayed by a number of years, is it worth the risk?


  • If you were to apply to a program, inside Canada, you may waive any rights of appeal, and that can be devastating;


  • There are about 60 different programs to immigrate to Canada, which on is the right one for you?


  • Many forms are returned to applicants by Immigration Canada because of not being complete or having erroneous information, this delays the process as you maybe returned at the end of the queue;


  • If you started filling a form say, 2-3 months ago, you may be working on an older version of the form. The forms are updated without notice. We are always using the most current versions.


  • We update our systems and procedures to adapt to any changes in Canadian Immigration Law as soon as they come into effect.


  • We care very much about what is best for our clients. Our “client-first philosophy” is a reflection of that. We anticipate your needs and do everything possible to satisfy them, before being requested to do so. Simply put, we keep clients happy.   

Suite 300,

160 Quarry Park Plvd SE

Calgary, Alberta T2C 3G3